Nuisance from spiders?
An anti-spider treatment is the solution!


An anti-spider treatment is a very suitable way to (preventively) get rid of spiders in your office building or home. Characteristic for this nuisance is that they are difficult to remove. After the anti-spider treatment the treated surfaces and elements are protected. The dirt repellent layer that we apply makes it impossible for the spider to build up cobwebs. Our anti-spider treatment complies with the permitted requirements of laws and regulations. Furthermore, our treatment is environmentally friendly and safe for humans and animals.

When is the best time for an anti-spider treatment?

A good time to carry out an anti-spider treatment preventively is the period before the spider season starts. This is in the spring in April and May. In autumn it is October and November. Due to changes in the climate, it is possible that these moments move forward. Your business premises or shop will be spider and web free after an anti-spider treatment, depending on the weather conditions during the season.

Additional services

Besides a spider web treatment you can also contact us for cleaning of your premises or shop. You can also hire our window cleaners for window and façade cleaning.

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