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As an Amsterdam based cleaning company, ACS is active throughout the province of North Holland. We clean large and small offices, busines buildings and shops. Especially companies and institutions in the SME sector hire our cleaners.

Good cleaning is a matter of course for us. Like you, we hate dirt and therefore combine cleaning services and window cleaning in various packages at old-fashioned attractive rates.

Cleaning method

Besides regular cleaning, ACS has a lot of experience in keeping office spaces clean. Of course, the cleaning activities include keeping desks, floors, sanitary facilities and meeting and waiting rooms, corridors and entrances clean. Everything to offer your staff a clean and pleasant workplace. This will benefit the productivity of your employees.

Our cleaning services

ACS can also be deployed for other cleaning services such as window cleaning, gutter cleaning, anti-spider treatment and also façade cleaning. Of course, we clean a lot more than that, so contact us without obligation about the possibilities.

Periodical or one-off hire

Our services can be hired once or periodically, depending on your needs or budget. The ACS cleaners are happy to come and clean on demand or, if desired, on the basis of a contract.

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