Your facade professionally cleaned?
Facade cleaning for companies and individuals


Also for facade cleaning in Amsterdam and surroundings you can contact ACS. We do facade cleaning of shops, business premises or homes. Not only the stone outer wall cleaning is provided by our facade specialist, but you can also think of aluminium (profile) cladding. Think of algae and calcium deposits, graffiti and other pollution. This can be done using high-pressure cleaning and special cleaning agents.

When cleaning facades, it is essential that this is done professionally. A lot of damage to buildings and homes is caused by the wrong way of cleaning the façade.

Façade protection

Once your façade has been cleaned, we treat your façade preventively by permanently impregnating it and making it water-repellent. This will protect your exterior walls from the weather, algae growth and moss growth for many years.

Additional services

Besides facade cleaning and facade protection, ACS can also provide cleaning services and window cleaning.

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