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Looking for a good window cleaning company in Amsterdam and the surrounding area? We understand that due to the large number of window washers on offer, it is difficult for you to make a choice. The good news is that you do not have to look any further for a proper and clean window cleaning. ACS is the trusted address for cleaning and window washing for companies and individuals in and around Amsterdam. Proper cleaning of windows and window frames is a matter of course for us. Just like you, we hate dirt and therefore we combine cleaning services and window cleaning in various packages at old-fashioned attractive rates. We aim to achieve the ultimate WOW-effect for you.

Working method window cleaning

Window cleaning is traditionally done by hand and using ladders, but we also use more modern aids and tools for the less easily accessible spots. For example, we use a telewash system for glass washing the higher windows. For windows that are difficult to reach, we use cherry pickers or make use of facilities that are present in or around your premises, such as gondolas and façade lifts.

Additional services

Besides hiring window cleaners, ACS can also provide a number of additional services. We can also take care of the cleaning of your façade, the cleaning of gutters and anti-spin treatment.

Periodical or one-off

Our services can be used once or periodically, depending on your needs or budget. The window cleaners of ACS are happy to come and clean your windows on demand or by contract.

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