Professional solar panel washing
Suitable for companies and individuals


Are you looking for a specialist in solar panel cleaning in Amsterdam and the surrounding area? That's very sensible, because cleaning your solar panels greatly increases their lifespan and performance. Dirt, algae and moss ensure that your solar panels produce less energy and often cause leakage.

Method solar panel cleaning

ACS solar panel cleaning is possible for both small and medium-sized companies and private individuals. Our people clean your solar panels with telescopic handles that are fitted with soft brushes. We use osmosis water and a suitable cleaning agent. This guarantees you spotless and very clean solar panels.

Additional services

You can also hire ACS for washing your windows, cleaning work and façade cleaning. We are also at home in anti-spin treatment.

Periodical or one-off

Our services can be used once or periodically, depending on your needs or budget. We from ACS are happy to come and clean your solar panels on demand or if desired on the basis of an interesting contract.

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