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Are you planning to move your company or are you renovating? Then think of ACS, because we take care of the clearance of your premises. Often, business premises must be handed over clean, according to the lease. It may also be the case that your premises have to be temporarily vacated due to renovation. Because each clearance of business premises is different, this always means a customised job. Prior to the more complex eviction, we can, if desired, go through the specific situation and present you with a plan of action. The type of company does not matter to us; we can carry out any type of eviction. We also discreetly and respectfully clear homes. We offer our services to VVEs, housing associations and estate agents, etc.

Working method company clearance

On the basis of prior consultation, during the company clearance all usable inventory and goods are separated from items that have to be disposed of at a municipal waste processing point. Anything that needs to be retained will be safely transported to storage.

Additional services

In addition to house and office clearance, you can also contact ACS for a number of additional services. We can also provide cleaning services and glass washing and related matters such as anti-spider treatment and façade cleaning.

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